Teeing It Up

A golf ball is placed on a tee, so that the ball is in a position that it can be struck cleanly. Teeing up is a step that is taken so the next step is easier. Effective organizing systems need to be, not only a series of stages, but a series of stages that are each “teed up” for each subsequent stage.

For example, if your system for organizing the ugly mail is hiding it in a pretty basket, you have not teed up the next stage well.

The Barrier of Perfection

Several clients have told me, “I’d like to see your house. I’ll bet it’s perfect.”  My home is not perfect and for one very good reason.  I don’t strive for perfect.  I don’t believe good organizing is about being perfect. Voltaire is credited with saying “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Another version I have heard is “Perfect …