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Make Organizing Toys As Simple As Child’s Play

Toys can be one of the hardest things to organize and I think this comes down to three things: 1. We are hung up by convention 2. We expect the same from kids as we do from ourselves and 3. We keep toys too long. What follows are three toy organizing systems I don’t like, followed by three systems I do like. Don’t Like: The Toy Box A traditional toy box looks charming on the stage of “The Nutcracker,” but is not helpful in the 21st Century home. First, it’s a concealer and doesn’t invite use. Second, it’s too small for large toys and too large for toy pieces. Finally, it doesn’t take advantage of vertical space and in the event it can actually close, items that get stacked on top of it prevent access. Do Like: Dedicated Zones and Shelves I don’t think you can force kids to organize, but if you’ve got any chance to make it happen, your odds are increased by making it fun. For example, if your son loves big cars and trucks, section off […]

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Kitchen Organizing

Thanksgiving can be a time when you really wish you were more organized in the kitchen. You can find 30 salad plates that nobody uses, but where’s that gravy boat? There is more built-in storage in the kitchen than in any room in the house. This should be helpful, but all too often it causes more problems than it solves. The greater the opportunity to store, the greater the risk of losing. Here are some simple kitchen tips that will help you find what you want, when you want it. Less is More. The reason you hear “less is more” so often is because it’s true. Case in point, how many spatulas can you use at once? (Hint: 8 is too many)  If utensils are broken, melted, or have dust on them, then you probably don’t need them.  You may well have some “perfectly good” but excess utensils, that would get far more use if donated than jamming up your drawers. If you can reduce 3 drawers of utensils down to 2, you can free up a new drawer for the spices you use all the time. Usability Dictates Locality. Store […]

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The garage is usually the most underrated room in the home. The garage’s purpose tends to be “where the junk goes,”but if you assign dedicated zones, your garage can be a horn of plenty. Dedicated zones help you see just how much useful stuff you have and they keep useful stuff more accessible. Here are five useful tips to create dedicated zones in your garage. 1. Surface Worship. I have often stated that a clear work surface is the most important tool for staying organized. I stand by this, even in the garage. A clear work surface keeps you in rhythm with the activities of your household, because it provides the space you need to process projects. Whether it’s making repairs, potting plants, or bundling cardboard, you will stay more organized if you dedicate your workbench as a clear runway for processing, NOT storage. 2. Simple Shelves. OK, if you can’t store stuff on your surfaces, obviously it needs to go somewhere else. Don’t look to the middle of the floor. If you want to protect your $40,000 investment (your car) from the winter weather, […]

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