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My Least Favorite Organizing Products

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, July 2007 My Least Favorite Organizing Products This special edition of Organizing Works may get me in a lot of trouble, but it’s all meant in good fun.  There is no rulebook for organizing products.  These are just my opinions based on my personal experiences and based on my observations of frustrated clients.  I apologize in advance if I am badmouthing your favorite organizing products(s), but maybe I can introduce you to some even better solutions.  Most of the following products fall short of being helpful because of essentially two things:  they are inflexible and difficult to use. 1. All-in-one Date Book. What I’m talking about here (without giving away any brand names) are those big bulky binders that have your schedule, address book, metric conversion chart, calculator, and anything else they can think to pack in.  They’re padded, I guess so they won’t hurt so much when they land on your feet.  My main issue with these is that the larger something is, the less likely you are to bring it with […]

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