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Five Organizing Lessons From Making A Snowball

Well the snow’s finally here in a big way and with it a blank canvas of possibilities and limitations.  I could wax poetic about the many ways this blank canvas relates to organizing, but for this post I’m just going to focus on how the lessons of making a successful snowball relate to the practice of getting successfully organized. 1. The Right Outfit. Those fuzzy blue mittens are great for your Cookie Monster impression, but for making a big snowball you’ll want gloves that are less sticky.  You’ll be outside for a while so make sure the rest of your outfit is warm and water resistant too.  To get organized make sure you start by outfitting yourself with the right equipment: a clear work surface, large trash bags, and several empty sorting boxes. 2. A Smart Plan. Give yourself plenty of room to roll your snowball.  If there’s an incline, start at the top of it.  Similarly, when getting organized, give yourself more room than you think you will need to sort things.  Position donation boxes and other exit items […]

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