sticky-padI guess I’m kind of late to come around to the virtues of the Sticky Pad, but I have to say I’m a fan.  I first saw this product in use, as I do with so many products, by one of my brilliant clients.

It’s so simple.  Just place the Sticky Pad anywhere on your dashboard and simply rest your cell phone (or whatever) on top of it.  The pad will hold stop it from slipping off, no matter what.  Really!

Ever get introduced to a product that just seems too good to be true? I remember when the Zip Drive came out.  I had been using the old Syquest Drive and I remember my reaction. “Wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me that you can hold over twice the data on something about the size of a floppy disk, for less money, and without that horrible squealing sound?”

The Sticky Pad is like the Zip Drive (except it’s not gathering dust in my basement.)

Actually, it turns out there are several varieties and brands of the same item, but I assume they all work the same.  (Can’t say I’ve put in exhaustive research.)  You don’t have to worry about unforgivable adhesive taking hold.  The same material that magically sticks items to the top of the pad also sticks to the bottom of it.

Like any organizing tool, I can see that it is quite possible to overuse the Sticky Pad, but I find that for my iPhone and ear piece it is perfect.  It doesn’t matter how quickly I take those turns.  Those items don’t budge from the surface of the Sticky Pad.

I used to have one of those cell phone holders glued and screwed to the dashboard of my old Taurus.  I missed having my phone at eye level, because I was more inclined to leave my phone in the car, without it positioned at eye level.  With the Sticky Pad, I can position (and reposition) my cell phone exactly where I want it.

The best part of this product is, if you don’t like it, no big deal.  It’s only six bucks.  But you will like it.  There’s no down sides. I happened to pick my Sticky Pad up at Splash Car Wash, but you can get them anywhere online.