Do you tend to put things where they belong or where they fit? If you put them where they belong, then you are using dedicated zones, even if that’s not what you call them.   If you just put things where they fit, it can be very difficult to stay organized.

Seven words I dread hearing from a client, upon gaining a clear drawer or shelf, are “what can we put in here now?”  It means I haven’t done my job of explaining how being organized works.

Being organized does not mean creating a perfect match between all the stuff you have with all the storage space you have.  Being organized is about using your space with a purpose.

When there is purpose, there is action and when there is action there must be open space for movement, processing, visibility, and growth.  All of these good things fly out the window, when you pack everything in.

Fitting should not be the end goal of organizing.  Dedicated zones are the vehicles you use to stay organized.  Stay within these zones and you will stay organized.  When establishing these dedicated zones always analyze the quantities of a given category REALISTICALLY, then leave a little extra room for growth.

Got a disorganized bedroom closet?   Start from scratch. Rethink everything, starting with the non-clothes and moving on to the clothes you don’t wear.  A fancy closet system won’t help you if you’ve got too much stuff.

Got some room left over in your closet? Perfect! When you have open spaces, you are in control.  Open spaces can mean room to see what you’ve got, room to access what you’ve got, room to try on what you’ve got, and room for growth.

When this room for growth fills up and you are running out of space, then that’s a clear signal that it’s time to reevaluate.  You have established realistic limits and now you have exceeded them. Purge a few of your lesser-used clothes and stay in control.  Don’t just stuff those excess clothes into the linen closet because they fit there!