If you hate cord clutter with your chargeable devices, the Socket Shelf is a good solution.  Here are the features that I like (and don’t like) about the Socket Shelf from The Sharper Image.

Frees up surface area

If you’ve ever read any of my posts, you know what a huge proponent I am of surface area. A clear work surface is nothing less than your number one organizing tool. That’s because surface area allows for processing, which essential to staying organized. I certainly don’t want to squander my precious surface area with devices to charge. The Socket Shelf, as the name suggests, provides a little shelf on the top. In the right photo I comfortably fit my iPhone, my wife’s old-school cell phone, and an earpiece box. The shelf is my favorite feature.

Easy to install

The basic unit is a charging block that goes into the outlet, just like the block pictured on the left. You don’t need to screw it in. The only assembly is sliding the shelf on to the block. It takes seconds. It easily supports the weigh of the devices, without tipping forward.

Plenty of outlets

At first glance, it may seem like the block on the left has more outlets. However, the Socket Shelf offers two outlets on each side for a total of six. I like that you don’t loose an outlet when you have one of those wide plugs. Also, the Socket Shelf offers two USB ports at the bottom, when you don’t have a plug.

Larger option for iPads

Got an iPad to charge too? No problem. The Socket Shelf offers an option with a wider shelf.

Great for travel

The Socket Shelf fits easily enough in a suitcase, so your charging is covered when you travel. Sometimes the hotels have limited outlets. The Socket Shelf is an easy way to increase them. This comes in particularly handy when you are sharing a room.


The Socket Shelf is affordable enough at $29.99 for two. They really make it a bad value to get just one. The second one is free with an additional shipping and handling fee.

CAUTION: When you place an order there is absolutely NO confirmation that your order has gone through successfully. I learned this the hard way. I’m used to getting an instant confirmation plus a confirmation email, from my Amazon orders. In fact, when I didn’t get either, I thought that I did something wrong. So I ordered again. And again. And again.

Each time I tried something  a little different. I finally gave up, assuming there was something wrong with the system. A week later I discover multiple suspicious charges on my business card coming from California. I didn’t recognize the source at all, so I cancelled my card.

When I came home from a business trip I found four pairs of Socket Shelves waiting for me! I had no idea whatsoever that any of those transactions went through.  The source taking payments wasn’t identified asSocket Shelf or Sharper Image. It was something else, that I couldn’t possibly have identified.

Of course, I called Socket Shelf, but they were not helpful. I had to cover the cost of return and it was a LOT. They offered me a discount to hold on to the excess product as “great Christmas gifts!” No thanks.  I don’t like the Socket Shelf that much. 

This left a really bad taste in my mouth. Too bad, because the Socket Shelf is otherwise a good organizing product.