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THAT was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had professionally. Bar none. And I don’t know why, because it was very simple and straightforward. But I suppose the contrast between my sense of overwhelm, and Marlie’s calm determination, made for really powerful results. Coupled with the fact that you’re a very highly tuned organization that knows how to realize their client’s hopes, and I can only say glowing things about you.

I’m a huge team player—a career tennis competitor and university coach—so I know how a well-oiled machine works and what it takes to put one together. Marlie is definitely a high-performance team player who operates in such a similar way, so together I felt like she was able to BE me when I was too exhausted for the job. She listened completely, absorbed my intention, and maneuvered her assistant in order to efficiently support her very correct perception and prediction of what I was picturing and needing. 3 people were on the job rather than just me, but I felt like a month’s worth of work was accomplished. There’s still a lot to go but they freed me of the overwhelm, and now it’s just the design piece…and I like that part.

During our goodbyes I told this to Marlie but I’ll repeat it to you: in the morning I felt like I had gone in to labor and by day’s end I had my baby.

Ricky Silbersher, Pound Ridge, NY

I can not tell you how impressed we were with your team’s approach, and the thoroughly professional manner in which our very challenging project was handled. I knew it was going to be big, but couldn’t really visualize how big the job was until we were all “knee deep” into it. We are thrilled with the results — there is no way we would have been able to tackle such a project on our own.

Bill Hilson, New Canaan, NY

I want to THANK YOU so very much for all your company has done for me, for all of us in our home!  A few years back, we blended two families and two homes.  I looked at my garage for two summers, saying “this summer I will organize it, so we can fit cars in it this winter…”  Needless to say, it was not done.  You came to my home and explained the process.  You said it would take a day, but I was even skeptical of THAT!Within an hour and a half, I was being asked what I wanted to keep and what I could  part with.  Your team worked so hard and categorized my garage with area themes “storage”, “camping equipment”, “tools”, “garbage”, “donations”, etc. Not only did my garage shine, but, the team ended two hours to spare, meaning I did not pay my estimated amount for the job!  You continued to help by providing and orchestrating donation trucks and a shredding company to finish the job.  It  was seamless. A few months later, I decided to call you again, this time to conquer my basement.  Again,  the process was seamless, painless and  thorough.   I am able to enjoy and use the space in my home because of your expert organizational skills. Your teams are professional and skilled at helping me organize my items. Thank you for all you have done.  I look forward to continuing to work with your teams in the future and do not hesitate on recommending you to ANYONE!!!!!

Rachel Singer, Ryebrook, NY

I really am out of words to describe how incredible your business and this group of people are. They are absolutely top-notch professionals in every way. The accomplishment is just incredible. I’ve never, ever seen anything like this. Certainly not since the ’60’s and before, where people really worked hard and were honest and dependable, trustworthy, efficient, and professional. Honest to God, I was just so overwhelmed and it was just life-changing to have them for the four days. It just goes on and on how I feel about your company and the people that you send to help me, when I so desperately needed the help. Congratulations to you for owning this wonderful company and hiring these amazing people and making such a difference in so many people’s lives in getting them organized. It’s wonderful doing business with you.

Barbara Ward, Trumbull, CT

Marlie and crew did a fabulous job. I could never have done this by myself, and it was so wonderful to have everything neatly taken care of once it was sorted!

Carol Randel, Westport, CT


I would recommend Matt Baier Organizing to anyone who needs help with de-cluttering, purging, organizing, or preparing to move.  After Matt and Marlie came by my house for the consultation (which was provided at no charge to me), Matt determined that my organizing goals could be accomplished in one 6-hour block.  Matt’s team of two organizers spent that single 6-hour block with me, and we got through 3+ rooms, as well as a basement and crawl space.  I didn’t think it would be possible to organize my things so quickly, but Marlie and Lacey were incredibly efficient.  They made it not only possible, but easy for me to make decisions about what to keep, donate, toss, etc., and the space was completely transformed by the time they left.  I would use their services again in a heartbeat.

Katherine Lalli, Roxbury, CT


Matt’s team helped my 90 year old Aunt prepare to downsize to a smaller home. 70 years of ‘treasures’ needed to be sorted for trash, donation and keepers. Matt responded to my on-line inquiry almost immediately. He didn’t charge for the assessment which was a big plus since we were not really sure what needed to be done. We had no prior experience with an ‘organizer’. He was very professional, smart, and resourceful. He provided a proposal the very next day. He worked with my Aunt to find a schedule that didn’t put stress on her. The team worked through many rooms in the house in a very organized fashion. They were gentle, kind, yet were able to keep the process moving when tears started to flow. Spectacular effort. My Aunt is moving soon and will probably need Matt’s help again. Having an elderly person downsize is a very stressful experience. Matt’s team managed the effort flawlessly. I recommend them without reservations.

Nancy Hadley, White Plains, NY


Just wanted to let you know that Kathleen and Maria were absolutely fabulous to work with. They were extremely organized , efficient and exceedingly pleasant to work with. Having the crew work in the house, made a stressful and  overwhelming task easier than I could have ever imagined.
Barbara Wasserman, Ossining, NY


I feel like I have my house back, and I couldn’t be more excited!  Ben, Linda, and Andrew were all great to work with and helped make a potentially stressful activity fun and productive.  I really had a good time, and I’m looking forward to having them back soon! I have a BIG smile on my face!
Lauren Boyer, Nyack, NY


I was extremely pleased with the organization of my spaces. In fact, I have never been more pleased.  Marlie and Linda work so well together that I want the same team again. 
Altermiese Bradley, White Plains, NY

You were insanely  helpful.  I have been so impressed with your company.  You are efficient beyond compare and really empowering…without being judgmental.  My basement was an absolute pit and now I actually enjoy going down there!  Thanks a million.

Dianne Stewart-Jones, Norwalk, CT

I can’t thank you and your organizers enough for doing my basement. They did such a GREAT job.  It feels soooo good!!! 

Lisa Bloom, Norwalk, CT


Just a note to say how happy I was to work with Marlie and Margarita!  What a wonderful team; they are so skilled at organizing!  We blew through every piece of paper in my office, and I feel so much calmer and in control, knowing what I have and where it all is located! I also want to tell you that I have had the most productive days yesterday and today, working in my newly organized office!

Jennifer Stewart, Darien, CT


They made a very difficult task FUN. It went so smoothly, I actually found myself laughing!

Wendy Goldberg, Scarsdale, NY


I am plagued with OCD! Therefore, I need to have order to feel less stressful.  If my home is settled (which Marlie and Kathy do expertly) then I can do my job more efficiently.  It’s just a trade off and so worth the cost.

Carol G., White Plains, NY


I cannot tell you what a pleasure it has been working with your lovely, compassionate and efficient crew! What a bunch of wonderful people.  You are all so warm, yet professional.  I’ll be checking in early next month for perhaps another block of Matt Baier Organizing !!! It’s like eating chocolate 😉

Margaret Hughes, New Canaan, CT


Marlie and Kathy were amazing…so helpful, and funny (who knew one could find chuckles during such an onerous chore) and overall a job well done! Thank you. Happy end note: Upon returning home from school and discovering all the new-found space in our garage…my son and I -literally- were jumping for joy!;)

Lisa S., Darien, CT


Awesome!!!! House looks fabulous. Basement amazing!!!!! I would highly recommend you!!!! Thanks.

-Dr. Jeanne Marconi, Stamford


Your team was absolutely great and did a phenomenal job. In the 3 short hours, the office went from chaotic to manageable!

Robyn A., North Branford, CT


I was afraid to go down to my garage. Now I want to live there!

Nicole Lang, Stamford, CT


The team was absolutely outstanding!

Angela Atkinson, New Rochelle, NY


Matt and team are fanTAStic. Have just made my first referral to a friend. I wish I’d discovered him a long time ago. Once my apartment was decluttered and “staged” (his task for me was to get my apartment looking good enough for prospective renters to walk through) — my self-esteem stepped up about 3 notches, and I’m now looking at a house I can handle.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Betsey Barger, Greenwich, CT


I want to thank you and your amazing team for the great work you have done organizing my basement,attic and office and setting me up for a more organized life. What a freeing experience! My only disappointment is I didn’t find you a lot sooner! You accomplished a job that seemed impossible, with years of clutter to sort out. Your team was able to do it in a remarkably quick, painless and encouraging manner with wit, and sensitivity. You and your staff are all wonderful, honest, skilled and intelligent people. You are truly miracle workers!!! Thank you so much!

Elaine Hoffman, Old Greenwich, CT


The team organized my loft and kitchen.  They did such a great job they were asked to return and organize my paperwork and filing.  I reviewed Matt’s website and decided to have two areas organized.  My loft was packed with many items/clothes kept over the years.  I never got around to my “I’ll wait for a cold, rainy day self-organization clean-up.”  My kitchen was packed with numerous items.  Tired of not being able to use my loft and kitchen storage properly I contacted Matt.  Matt’s team did an OUTSTANDING job with organizing/re-purposing my spaces.  My loft is no longer a storage unit full of boxes.  It is now a functional living space.   My kitchen is a cooks dream.  Excellent communication with the team throughout all projects.  Highly recommended.

Krista Dieckamp, Darien, CT


Matt and his team gave me an awesome garage massage last week!  I’m so relaxed, free of tension and angst because they handled, cleaned, and cleared everything that has been weighing me down.  All I had to do was sit there and answer questions.  Making decisions was easy because they knew how to find out what was really important to me.  Now everything is organized, easily located, and accessible.  I’ve lived in my house over 30 years, and in 6 hours they freed my spirit!  Do yourself a favor and remember, “If it’s space you desire, call Matt Baier!”

Carol Watt, Stamford, CT


They organized the whole house, attic, basement, the garage and outside storage area.  This included all my paperwork and filing, as well as holidy decorations.  They also set up a system for paper organization, so I don’t have paper pileup anymore.  They have been working with me from Nov 2010 to Aug 2011.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  They are very professional.  They will not throw out one thing without permission.  They want you to see what they are doing.  They are very reliable and honest.  They found $500 that I stuck somewhere and forgot about, and they handed it right over.  I never had to worry about any trust issues, totally trustworthy.  They were always prompt.  Sometimes I would work with Matt, sometimes some of the other team leaders.  The bottom line, him doing this has made my life very stress free and relaxing in the end.  I recommend them to people as often as I can.

Gwen R., Riverside, CT


Working with you and your team makes me feel encouraged.   The process was, actually fun!

Barbara K., Stamford, CT


My situation was way beyond clutter!  I couldn’t believe how Matt and his team were able to come in and literally dig me out of morass I’d fallen into. It was a great experience.  Matt and his team not only helped me reclaim my living space…they gave me back my life!

Kathleen W., Norwalk, CT

After working with Matt on purging the vast majority of my paper backlog I breathed a huge sigh of relief, but it wasn’t until just recently that I understood the true value of his services.  I brought my car in for servicing and they told me they didn’t have a record of my warranty.   I went back to the files Matt and I kept and there it was: a simple category labeled “transportation” and in it the record I needed to prove my coverage.   I saved $300 in repair work thanks to Matt. It wasn’t about tossing everything, it was about taking the unimportant stuff out of the way so I could get to the important stuff.

Tess A., Licensed Massage Therapist, Stamford, CT


Boy you lived up to your word about working quickly!  I just love the speed and focus with which you work.  It feels so good, like therapy.  I should have done this a long time ago!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Gina V., Nutritionist, Riverside, CT


We all appreciate the exceptional results that you and your team achieved for us.  I honestly never expected you to get as much done as you did.  The tenant office is nothing short of a miracle!  Thank you all for your enormous contributions to making our office move the best move we could have hoped for.

Erica B., Attorney, New York, NY


It feels like a load of bricks has been lifted off my back. I came in Monday and was energized, ready to work!

Robert A., Salesman, Teaneck, NJ


Some of the best money I ever spent!

Joan G., Teacher, Queens, NY


Your team did an outstanding job on the filing project.  It made my life a lot easier, knowing that I could put it in your hands and it would not only get done, but done well.

Damien C., VP, Program Admin., Albertson, NY


Matt’s work is remarkable.  He transformed our chaotic guest room into a peaceful sanctuary where everyone wants to hang out.

Damaris O., Housewife, Brooklyn, NY


I love my new filing system!!!!!  I can find everything!!!!!

Laura B.,  Somers, NY


My office looks beautiful and inviting now, and because I have effective systems set up, my mess has not come back.  I am actually excited about going into my office and working on my long neglected projects!

Rachel K., Nutritionist, Brooklyn, NY


Before we knew it, the move went from something we dreaded to something that was accomplished and accomplished well.

Elizabeth B., Creative Director, New York, NY


I have had a few different people in and out over the years trying to help me get organized, and I can tell you are the first person who can actually help make this happen!

Neena B., Writer, New York, NY


I am so incredibly psyched about my home office and having a clear basement is a dream come true!

Diane H., Graphic Designer, Sag Harbor, NY


I can’t believe how much space I’ve got now. Matt’s unbelievable! Worth every penny.

Robert W., Mortgage Broker, New Rochelle, NY


I want to thank you and your team for an excellent job helping me to declutter and organize our house.  I appreciate your good nature, clever, and kind encouragement to help me through this difficult experience and actually making this FUN as well!

Linda Y., Greenwich, CT


Matt’s efforts with the storage situation save the company thousands of dollars a year.

Howard K., Administrator, New York, NY


Wow!  When I see what you’ve been doing I wonder how on earth anyone could take care of all this alone. You’re amazing and thank you for  that!

Elizabeth G., Doctor, White Plains


My system is working fabulously and I feel so organized!

Katrina P., Homemaker, New Canaan


In a very short period of time, Matt changed my calendar system, reviewed my to-do pile and showed me simple ways to keep my papers organized. The benefits are a much more inviting home office and because I have a clear picture of prioritized to-do items, I’m able to get more done quickly.  And I no longer trip over my to-do pile.

Lisa C., Nutritionist, New Canaan, CT


Thanks so much for helping organize my office this past weekend. You did more towards getting me organized in 3 hours than I’ve been able to do on my own in 9 years!

Doug E., Owner, Stamford, CT


“Believe it or not, and no one is more surprised than me, but I’ve managed to keep my room in shape!   Even in old age, this dog may have learned a new trick!”

Glenn S., Drag Queen, New York, NY


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    Hi Valerie,

    Yes, Faith Manniere in Glastonbury is highly qualified and experienced. Her website is http://www.busybeesorganizing.com/.

    You might also want to check out napo.net and click on “find an organizer.”

    If you do contact Faith, please tell her I referred you.

    Many thanks,

  2. I want to thank you and your amazing team for the great work you have done organizing my basement,attic and office and setting me up for a more organized life. What freeing experience! My only disappointment is I didn’t find you a lot sooner! You accomplished a job that seemed impossible, with years of clutter to sort out. Your team was able to do it in a remarkably quick, painless and encouraging manner with wit, and sensitivity. You and your staff are all wonderful, honest, skilled and intelligent people. You are truly miracle workers!!! Thank you so much!

  3. Matt and team are fanTAStic. Have just made my first referral to a friend. I wish I’d discovered him a long time ago. Once my apartment was decluttered and “staged” (his task for me was to get my apartment looking good enough for prospective renters to walk through) — my self-esteem stepped up about 3 notches, and I’m now looking at a house I can handle.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

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