Why You Have More Space in Your File Cabinet Than You Think

The term “thickening agent” generally refers to paint and food products, but you might be surprised at how many thickening agents are in your file folders. Unlike gumbo, however, your files are much better off without these thickening agents. Here are six examples:


My Email Confession

I have a confession to make. I had let my email inbox accumulate to over 5,000 emails. That can be really bad news for one’s computer’s performance. What’s my excuse for all this digital clutter? Digital clutter is simply less compelling to me because it does not crowd my physical space. I don’t see it. Not much of an excuse, but I know I’m not alone.


Paper Drain Or Paper Trap?

Would you say there is more of a paper drain or paper trap in your work environment? In other words, does paper circulate easily, like water down a drain, or does it accumulate, like water in a plugged sink?

If a sink is overflowing with water, we want the plumber to fix what is plugging up the drain IMMEDIATELY!