Special Services

Special Services

Getting organized brings the best results when you have the time to develop new habits. Sometimes, however, you just need a decluttering fast. That’s what our Special Services are all about. Our unique team approach is perfect when the stuff’s gotta move and the clock is ticking.

home for sale

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Home staging is a great way to sell a home faster, but when there is 20- 30 years of stuff accumulated, call us. We work fast but sensitively, because we understand there are a lot of sentimental attachments. When your home is professionally decluttered it will not only sell faster, but you will save on moving and storage costs.

 moving in/ unpacking

The stress of a move doesn’t end when you arrive. Sometimes it’s hard to get on with living, when you’re so preoccupied with settling. Having your stuff unpacked by the Matt Baier Organizing team, means you stuff goes where it belongs not just where it fits (and it means fast!)


If your contractor needs to start a project in your home and your clutter is preventing him from getting to it, we’ll clear the way fast!

water/ mold damage

It’s not as simple as throwing it all out. We’ll help sort it all out fast!

loss of a loved one

It’s a tough time for you. The will has taken care of all the items of value, but what about the rest? If you don’t have the time, or maybe you live too far away, or maybe the sad memories are just too much, that’s where we fit in.


Some of our best work has been with hoarders, who are motivated by specific goals. We also have resources available for you or a loved one who needs to deal with the psychological issues associated with hoarding.

eviction prevention

Few things are more motivating than being faced with eviction. When even your doors can’t contain your clutter, we’ll evict the clutter, so that you can stay.

emptying a storage locker

Month after month the outside storage costs pile up. Often what we store, comes down to postponed decisions. We’ll help you make those decisions and clear out your storage locker fast.



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