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Our Mission:

To take the less important stuff out of the way, so that you can get to the most important stuff.

It’s our belief that the best results come from a team approach, which allows for both momentum and safety.  Since 2004 we have helped busy homeowners and businesses, who are overwhelmed with clutter in Fairfield County, Westchester County, and in New York City.

Matt Baier


matt-kermit.jpgMatt’s approach was developed during his tenure as Head of Design Services at the Jim Henson Company, home of the Muppets. His promotion from art director to department head arrived with half the staff, working in half the space, with 25% more work in demand.  To succeed, he relied on a skill that came as naturally to him as breathing: ORGANIZING.  As a result, Matt’s department increased production tenfold.

Matt spent the first half of his life riding horses in the hayfields of Maine and the second half riding the subways of New York City.   He and his wife Susan now live in Stamford, CT with their cats, Sally and Daniel.

Ben Soreff

benVice President/  Manager

Ben feels that in organizing a sense of humor is just as important as a sense of order.  His philosophy has always been, take work seriously but don’t take yourself seriously.  Also from Maine, Ben is a graduate of Skidmore College.  He has previous experience in film and television production.

Marlie Reid


When it comes to PAPER  management, Matt and Ben excel, but Marlie is the best of the best.  A graduate of Sacred Heart University, Marlie applies her Biology degree to managing how elements fit together.  As a tutor and organizer, nothing makes Marlie feel more empowered than empowering others.

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