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Our Mission:

To take the less important stuff out of the way, so that you can get to the most important stuff.

Super team shallow

It’s our belief that the best results come from a team approach, which allows for both momentum and safety.  Since 2004 we have helped busy homeowners and businesses, who are overwhelmed with clutter in Fairfield County and Westchester County.

Matt LSMatt Baier


The Matt Baier Method was developed during Matt’s tenure as Head of Design Services at the Jim Henson Company, home of the Muppets. His promotion from art director to department head arrived with half the staff, working in half the space, with 25% more work in demand.  To succeed, he relied on a skill that came as naturally to him as breathing: ORGANIZING.  As a result, his department increased production tenfold.  In 2004, Matt switched careers to Professional Organizer and started Matt Baier Organizing, LLC.   He and his wife Susan now live in Stamford, CT with their cats, Sally and Daniel.



Ben Soreff

Vice President/  Manager

Ben feels that in organizing a sense of humor is just as important as a sense of order.  His philosophy has always been, take work seriously but don’t take yourself seriously.  Also from Maine, Ben is a graduate of Skidmore College.  He has previous experience in film and television production.



MarlieMarlie Reid


When it comes to PAPER  management, Matt and Ben excel, but Marlie is the best of the best.  A graduate of Sacred Heart University, Marlie applies her Biology degree to managing how elements fit together.  As a tutor and organizer, nothing makes Marlie feel more empowered than empowering others.


KathleenKathleen O’Connor


As a wife, and mother to two young kids and several fur babies, Kathleen knows how important being organized is.  A graduate of Marist College, Kathleen has experience as a realtor and a property manager but organizing is her true forte and has always come second nature to her.  With a caring and fun approach, she loves nothing more than helping others see how freeing an organized life can be.


TeresaTeresa McCartin

Account Manager

Teresa spent the last 18 years as a Stay-at-Home mom.  In those years she managed to move her family nine times all across the US & Europe.  She’s a master at decluttering & organizing and truly enjoys making sure MBO clients are taken care of; down to every last detail.   Her years as a business administrator and community volunteer gave her the experience to be a proven leader and keeps the MBO Team running smoothly.  Teresa is a graduate of Becker College.  In her spare time she loves to play tennis and is Captain of her USTA team.

ToniToni Cummaro

Manager/ Home Stager

Toni has been organizing with Matt Baier Organizing since 2011. In addition to being a Manager, Toni is  also a Certified Home Stager.




MargaritaMargarita Cossuto


Margarita finds it extremely rewarding to see clients happy and motivated in their newly organized spaces.  As a graduate of Fordham University, Margarita applies her doctorate in psychology to organizing by understanding client’s relationship to their items and space.  When she’s not organizing, Margarita is working as a manager and analyst in the field of advertising research. Outside of work, Margarita enjoys spending time with her husband, visiting local wineries, & dining out around her hometown of Norwalk, CT.

Linda MLinda Moser

Organizing Assistant

Linda takes a librarian’s approach to organizing having graduated from Pratt institute with a Master’s degree in Library Science and Information Technology.  Like a library collection, every item in a home or office has a specific place so that it can be easily accessed.



AndrewAndrew Harrison

Organizing Assistant

Having worked for Matt Baier Organizing for since 2012, Andrew possesses experience and familiarity with every variety of organizing project. He recently graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in English.



Linda BLinda Barlaam

Organizing Assistant

Patient, relaxed and hardworking – Linda prides herself on her exceptional ability to organize while having fun. Linda graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in retailing and spent her career as a human resource manager with two major department stores. When her three children were old enough to move out, she had fewer rooms to clean at home and felt that she needed to return to her organizational roots. Outside of work, she enjoys a nice glass of California Cabernet and spending time with her family.

AmandaAmanda Reis

Organizing Assistant

Amanda is a Fairfield County native and has been organizing for fun since she was a child.  Organizing kitchens and offices are two of her favorite parts of the job. In her spare time she freelances and hangs out with her dog.



RichRich Lee

Organizing Assistant






MariaMaria Rodbro

Organizing Assistant







Lacy Tegano

Organizing Assistant






Denise Brown

Organizing Assistant







  Jason Rosenfeld

Organizing Assistant
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