Our TEAM Approach is the FUN
way to get it DONE-IN-A-DAY!


We get it. You’re taking care of what matters most. You think you should be able to do this, but let’s face it, you’re too close to the clutter. It’s overwhelming!

Let us wave our magic wand and watch the transformation happen. The magic is in our DONE-IN-A-DAY team approach.

We understand the distractions of a busy lifestyle. We know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with clutter. At Matt Baier Organizing we have developed a proven approach to bring focus and calm to busy, overwhelmed homes throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties. The approach is detailed in my best-selling book, The Circulation Solution. The delivery of our services is transformational, which is why I have trained a fun, caring, and energetic team to organize your home quickly, often in a day.

“Incredible! I was feeling so overwhelmed with my kids playroom but within just 1 day Matt’s team transformed it into a functional, organized, perfect playroom! It felt so good!”

Carrie Kaplan, Customer

“Love Matt’s team approach! My basement? Easily a month to organize, but with Matt’s team, we could see the floor and everything had a home by the end of day.”

Kim Schenck, Customer

“They magically collaborate to transform the space. You can be as hands off or hands on as desired. They bring a warmth, integrity and respect to the assignment that make the experience a treat!”

Melissa Coughlin, Customer

“They completed the daunting task with smiles, upbeat friendly attitudes, on time and under budget.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND for your next overwhelming project.”

Kate Baiocco, Customer

“Matt’s team, ’The Angels,’ saved us! We had limited time to move out of a home that we had lived in for 43 years. They came right in, rolled up their sleeves and got the job done! BEST $$$ EVER SPENT!!!”

Nanette Baratta, Customer

“Hats off to Matt’s crew for restoring our garage space and lightening our souls!”

Angela Keiser, Customer


Home Office

Is your home office out of control? The first step when organizing the home office is to get clutter control, then we can get to paper organizing in your home office. When we do that, then you open the path to conquering time management. That’s a lot of work, but our team approach makes it fun and it happens much faster. Then we KEEP it organized with Home office organizing systems.

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Decluttering everything? The best place to start is with decluttering and organizing the garage. Our team approach is a fun way to clean clutter fast, maybe in a day. We establish exit zones in the garage, to drain clutter from the rest of the house. Then we can create garage storage systems and workspace organization and leave plenty of space to park a car!

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Cluttered kitchen counters? Too many activities competing for space? When the space opens up, so do the possibilities, but it’s a big job. There is more built-in storage in a kitchen than any room in the house. Our team approach is the fun way to organize your kitchen in a day. We will create organized shelves and clear counters and set up systems to keep them that way!

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