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Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts: #4

This is the fourth entry in the series  Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts. 4. DON’T store ANYTHING in a rounded basket with a handle. I know how it goes.  A friend gives you a beautiful gift basket and when it’s emptied, you just can’t bear to part with it.  “Surely I can find SOMETHING to put in it.”  Any time you find yourself trying to match a need to a container, STOP.  That’s a sure fire recipe for clutter and disorganization.  My advice is to fill that basket with flowers, candy, or cheese and give it back to your friend.  A gift basket is just about the worst organizing container imaginable.   Useful items, particularly squared ones like compact disks, tend to fit terribly in these baskets.  Furthermore, they’re usually tapered at the bottom, designed to make the contents look more plentiful and overflowing.  This is not an optimal storage feature.  They tend to fit poorly ON the shelves and wastefully BETWEEN the shelves, because of those stupid handles (not that you could stack anything on top of that […]

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Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts: #2

This is the second in a series of Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts. 2. DON’T fill every last gap in your closet. Packing everything you can into your closet does not make you organized. I have maintained that it is wasteful not to take advantage of vertical space in your closet, but it is equally wasteful to compromise find-ability and accessibility, which is an inevitablility when it’s all crammed in. DO leave room for accessibility. If you are keeping something you don’t need to be able to find, access, or use, you probably don’t need it at all. Disposing or donating items that no longer serves you well may be the best answer to getting your closet back. Prioritize what you are keeping. Seasonal and archive materials should be kept on upper shelves or in the back of a closet. On the other hand, items you need all the time should be located at, or just below, eye level, in clear, labeled drawers, where appropriate. Items whose frequency is somewhere in between should be located somewhere in between. When […]

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