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All That Litters Is Not Old

Do you like to reduce, to reuse, to recycle, to be organized, DIY solutions, and CATS? Then this is for you! If you are a cat owner who buys litter in those plastic jugs (pictured) you may have wondered, as I have, if there was some way to repurpose these things, especially since they fill up almost half a trash can. Well, today I hit on a solution that really satisfies the recycler and organizer in me. It also satisfies the “simplist” in me because it is so easy to do. I simply got my sharp utility knife and cut off the spouts and handles of my cat litter jug collection.  It’s a straight easy cut. I then do a quick clean and label each one saying “batteries,” “light bulbs,” “e-waste,” “eyeglasses,” and “cell phones.”  Now, I don’t expect most people to need a corral for eyeglasses and cell phones (I gather them from my clients to donate), but there may be other items you collect to recycle and of course you may not need five bins. Here’s the cool thing […]

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Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts: #5

This is the fifth in a series of Top 10 Closet Storage Do’s and Don’ts. 5. DON’T store regular small items in lidded boxes. Sometimes I’m in homes where there is no shortage of nice square, lidded, even clear boxes, but there is still a lack of organization.  What’s missing?  Accessibility.  Stackable boxes aren’t for everything.  They make the best use of space for seasonal, archival, and other lesser-used items, but if you need to get to items regularly, lids (and the boxes stacked on top of them) present discouraging barriers.  One of the unfortunate results is multiple purchases. DO store regular small items in drawers.  Picture this scenario.  It’s Sunday night, you’re having dinner in front of the TV, the game’s gone into extra innings, but 60 Minutes is on too.  Thank God for the remote control!   Only it’s at this very moment the batteries decide to give out on the remote.  Wouldn’t it be great to know that the problem will be remedied by a 15 second trip to your closet? You swing open the door and there it […]

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