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Organizing Outside The Box

Boxes are indispensable tools for GETTING organized, but to STAY organized, you need to “think outside the box.” It’s the first question I get when an excited client agrees to begin work with me, “What kind of containers should I buy?”  I hate to dampen their enthusiasm, but I always explain that I will determine the appropriate containers and furniture AFTER we determine how much we are containing.  It’s not unusual to end up needing NO new containers! We do use a ten pack of banker’s boxes, but strictly as sorting tools.  They allow us to focus on editing one category at a time and the boxes get reused multiple times, but ultimately the goal is to empty the boxes, not fill them. A full, lidded box is great for stacking and saving space, but it can be a dangerous solution if it ends there.  Organizing systems need to be designed around use, not concealment. Shelves, hooks, and slots make better solutions for items that get used the most. For items that get used less often, but still need to […]

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Contain Yourself!

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, October 2008  CONTAIN YOURSELF! For many of us, I think the real excitement in organizing comes from the opportunity to buy more stuff, namely CONTAINERS.  But how can you choose the right container if you don’t know how much you’re containing? Twenty-two years ago when I attended the School of Visual Arts we would be fortunate enough to see some of the foremost cartoonists of the day demonstrate their craft.  Invariably there would always be one student who would pipe up and ask, “Ooh, what kind of pen are you using?” as if buying the right tool would turn this kid into the next great cartoonist.  So what does this story from my art school experience have to do with organizing containers? Simply this.  It’s not about buying the right tool, it’s HOW you use it.  Here are five tips for picking the right container. 1. Quantity First.  A question I often hear from clients after we empty one of their containers is “Now what do I do with this?”  The answer is, […]

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