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Diversion Tunnels

Diversion Tunnels In 1931, work began on the Hoover Dam, but before one bucket of concrete could be poured into the dam, the mighty Colorado River had to be diverted through four massive tunnels. If your whole house needs some serious organizing, a lesson can be drawn from the Hoover Dam. Your colossal task also needs to begin with diversion tunnels, namely the garage and basement. These spaces tend to get little attention, until you run out of storage room for more important items in other parts of your home. Also, the likeliest candidates for disposal and donation tend to live in the garage and basement. By freeing up space in there, you are able to drain many of the seasonal and archive materials that may be clogging up the space in the rest of your home. In this economy I realize that many of us have to go the DIY route, so here are some useful tips: Have an Exit Strategy- Before you dive into the clutter, put together a simple game plan for where it’s all going to […]

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