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“Leave It” is Not an Option

When I go to work with my clients I bring what I call a “Decision Table.”  There’s nothing actually special about this table except for one thing. When we’re done working on it, I fold it up and take it away with me, so NOTHING can stay on top of it. This not only applies at the end of the session, but during the session. To make effective progress in controlling clutter, I find it necessary to stick to one strict rule: “Nothing stays on the table.” Dealing with a multitude of clutter requires dealing with a multitude of decisions. The key is not to avoid the decisions, but to make the decisions easier. So how exactly do you do this? Clearing tough clutter is like making a tough decision. It needs to be done in STAGES. The next time you resolve to organize a room, try to be aware of how much time you spend running items into other rooms, calling a spouse for input, or shredding documents. These are all examples of distractions that compromise your efforts. Most of us hate to make decisions and will actively […]

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