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Top 10 Golden Rules of Storage

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, August 2007 TOP 10  GOLDEN RULES OF STORAGE A couple weeks ago Real Simple magazine contacted me, requesting my top 3 clutter control tips in the home office and kitchen.  Now I have nothing against Real Simple and I have no problem giving away my best tips, but I realized I simply didn’t have what they were looking for:  two sentence tricks that are room-specific.  I have found it far more helpful to offer a few good general rules that you can apply to every room in your home or office.  What follows is a list of ten such rules that relate to storage.  Many of them may be familiar by now, but hopefully there will be some new nuggets. Oh and if I’ve missed  anything here then by all means pick up the latest issue of Real Simple! 1. Store Vertically.  Clear surfaces are even more important for staying organized than for looking organized.  Clear surfaces make processing paper and other items infinitely easier.  Therefore, you should always avoid storage on horizontal surfaces like desks and tables.  To make the best […]

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