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Homes for Orphan Items

If keeping a tidy home or office seems hopeless, part of the reason may be that not EVERYTHING has a home.  Some categories are obvious – clothes go to the closet, books go to the bookshelf, and used coffee cups go to the kitchen sink – but what about  that spare switch plate? After years of organizing homes and offices, I have come up with a checklist of consistently overlooked storage needs and solutions for them.  Here they are: 1. Bills to pay. This might be the most important one and no, that pile of mail on the dining room table does not count.  Solution: A small dedicated structure with slots like the 31 Day Bill Organizer keeps the bill paying challenge limited and that’s a good thing.   Reserve it ONLY for bills to pay, not other to-do’s.   Discard the outer envelopes and inserts as soon as the bill comes in.  If you pay online then you can discard the return envelope as well.  All you need is the reminders to pay.  That will visually limit the task of bill […]

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