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Make Organizing Toys As Simple As Child’s Play

Toys can be one of the hardest things to organize and I think this comes down to three things: 1. We are hung up by convention 2. We expect the same from kids as we do from ourselves and 3. We keep toys too long. What follows are three toy organizing systems I don’t like, followed by three systems I do like. Don’t Like: The Toy Box A traditional toy box looks charming on the stage of “The Nutcracker,” but is not helpful in the 21st Century home. First, it’s a concealer and doesn’t invite use. Second, it’s too small for large toys and too large for toy pieces. Finally, it doesn’t take advantage of vertical space and in the event it can actually close, items that get stacked on top of it prevent access. Do Like: Dedicated Zones and Shelves I don’t think you can force kids to organize, but if you’ve got any chance to make it happen, your odds are increased by making it fun. For example, if your son loves big cars and trucks, section off […]

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