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How We Work

How We Work

The Matt Baier Organizing approach is a team approach.  The first member of the team is you, as decision maker.  It’s our job to make those decisions as easy as possible.

Years of experience have shown us that the best way to give you customized organizing solutions quickly is by working with a two or three organizer team.

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Getting organized requires a lot of physical work.  By having one organizer focus on the physical work, the other organizer can focus more on you.

However, despite our focus on you, it is not necessary for you to be fully available the entire time. In fact, a series of short reviews, with breaks in between, produces the best results.  See us finish organizing a cluttered garage in a day,  here.

The Regret-Free Process™. We respect your possessions. The Regret-Free Process™ means that our priority is not on throwing your stuff out. Our priority is on what you are keeping. It’s on why you are keeping it, on how much you are keeping, and on where it’s going to go. If you have doubts on purging an item, we’d prefer you keep it for now and keep going through the process, than have regrets. The Matt Baier Organizing team approach not only gives you unparalleled speed, but safety.

Finally, our mission is to help you not only get organized, but stay organized. We provide effective organizing systems, to prevent the clutter from coming back.

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