May Tip of the Month

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The most important annual organizing habit is to PURGE YOUR FILE CABINET AFTER TAX SEASON. You’ve accessed all the tax-supporting material you need for 2009 and yes, you will still want to keep it, but there’s no reason it needs to occupy the valuable real estate of your desk file drawer. Last year’s statements fall under what I call Sleeping Files, files you are keeping just-in-case. I recommend transferring these to 2 inch file jackets inside remote file cabinets or banker boxes (or plastic file boxes in a damp basement).

Out With The Old!

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It's only natural to want to make a fresh start in the upcoming New Year. Now is the perfect time to clear out your stuff from 2008 and create space for the new possibilities of 2009. This installment of Organizing Works is dedicated to getting rid of those old papers in your home or office. Sure, it may seem like an overwhelming task, but it's surprisingly manageable if you know what to do and what NOT to do. Here are three tips for starters:

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