The Launchpad Special

Sometimes the toughest part about taking on a large organizing project is just getting started. Where do you begin and where will it all go? The Launchpad Session answers both these questions and gets you started.
You get:

1. Hands on help with sorting, carrying, assigning, and purging.
2. Guidance, options, and encouragement on what to keep, sell, donate, and discard.
3. Establishment of exit zones and processing zones.
4. A plan to continue the progress and recommendations of products for systems of maintenance.

6 hours, 3 organizers, processing materials, all for just $945.
You save $75.

With a strategy for processing, purging, and removal in place, you may well be able to finish the process of getting organized on your own. If, however, you decide that you’d like to continue with our services, we are happy to help, with additional sessions.