Virtual Organizing

Unlike our regular team organizing services, our virtual organizing services are one-on-one with Matt, virtually, for just one hour at a time.

• We meet once or twice a week by phone, Skype, or Facetime.

• We clarify your priority of the day before starting each session so you get the most out of each session and I email relevant handouts to review, as needed.

• The work is both discussing strategies and hands-on organizing.

Virtual organizing makes the most sense if you:

  1. need regular accountability
  2. have a limited schedule
  3. are able to do the hands on work yourself
  4. are located outside Fairfield & Westchester counties

The subjects we cover are:

  1. clutter cleaning
  2. paper management
  3. time management

I highly recommend that we cover those subjects in that order. If we do, you will find it significantly easier to implement and sustain systems to keep you organized.

one hour Single starter session

4 one hour sessions over 4 weeks

8 one hour sessions over 8 weeks

12 one hour sessions over 12 weeks


4 x 81 = $324, save $16

8 x 79 = $632, save $48

12 x 76 = $912, save $108

To  GET STARTED, please call Matt at 203.428.6294 or email at [email protected], to schedule an initial needs analysis.

Once we have connected, you can go ahead and schedule sessions here.

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