Our Team Approach

Most organizing businesses feature a solo organizer, but we take a TEAM approach. The first member of the team is YOU, as decision maker. It’s our job to make those decisions as easy as possible. Our team approach means we can take on those larger organizing projects and the ones that need to happen faster. Watch how here.

Each team features a managing organizer and one or two organizing assistants. What this means is that the managing organizer will always be there to focus on your needs and priorities, while the physical work continues reliably with the assistant organizer(s). This allows us to work FASTER and more ECONOMICALLY.

organized garage

This is also a very safe approach, because the managing organizer’s focus is not split between conversation and the physical work. Both manager and assistant follow the exact same method, so they are always on the same page.

All employees are personally trained in the Matt Baier Method by Matt himself, so that remarkable results are always consistent, no matter which team you are assigned to.
We know that trust is paramount. Without it, even the greatest organizing method in the world will not work. We can personally account for all of our organizers, because they are employees, not subcontractors. We all follow the NAPO Code of Ethics. All of our organizers have all received background checks and they are insured and bonded. Not all organizers are.

All of our services are priority driven, judgement free, and feature what we call the Regret-free process.

The Regret-Free Process™. We respect your possessions. The Regret-Free Process™ means that our priority is not on throwing your stuff out. Our priority is on what you are keeping. It’s on why you are keeping it, on how much you are keeping, and on where it’s going to go. If you have doubts on purging an item, we’d prefer you keep it for now and keep the momentum going than have regrets. The Matt Baier Organizing team approach not only gives you unparalleled speed, but safety.
Finally, our mission is to help you not only get organized, but stay organized. We provide effective organizing systems, to prevent the clutter from coming back.

Virtual Review

We can now do onsite organizing that is Covid-safe. We wear masks and gloves and maintain complete social distancing. How? We do the usual sort and clear, but when it comes time to do review with you, we do it remotely by Zoom. See how in this video.