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Is clutter compromising your productivity? Whether it’s archive organizing, organizing a supply room, or organizing a workspace, our unique team organizing approach will get you there. You get organizing systems, to ensure that you STAY organized.

Organizing Archives

Matt brings his passion for organizing to the podium. He provides his own innovative and powerful organizing approach on a variety of topics, in a fun and engaging style.

Topics include:

1. High Octane Home Office

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels in your home office? Whether you need a tune up or an overhaul this workshop is for you. Improve your office’s performance and “File-age” with our surprisingly easy and fun approach to working at home.

2. Get Organized and $ave

Sure, it would be great to be more organized, but perhaps you have more practical matters to worry about. If those practical matters include saving money then this is for you. Professional Organizer, Matt Baier describes some easy ways that getting organized can save you money. With Get Organized and $ave, you will learn how to save money on late fees, multiple purchases, storage and much more.

3. The Good, The Bad, and The Organized

Is your closet the valuable organizing tool it should be or is it a black hole, where matter goes in, but never comes out? Our top ten do’s and don’ts of closet storage clarifies what works, what doesn’t, and why. When you have to budget your space, this workshop is a sound investment.

4. Navigating the River of Time

No one can conquer the river of time, but we don’t have to be drowned in the rapids. Many time management systems fail because they work against the river, not with it. If you need to strike a balance between the course you want to chart and the harbors where you need to drop anchor, this workshop will help.

The More the Merrier

Like to get 3-4 organizing experts together for the same event? Matt collaborates with organizing colleagues through FOCUS (Fairfield Organizers Creating Ultimate Solutions).

Whether you want Matt solo or as a team effort, you can schedule a speaking engagement here. Please call us at 203.428.6294 or fill out the form below:

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