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The Five Levels of Being Organized

Being organized means different things to different people, but I have discovered five essential levels of being organized. These levels are helpful to recognize because they explain why getting organized can be so time consuming and they explain why jumping from level zero to level 5 is pure fantasy. Level 1- cleared space My first stage in getting folks organized is to get a handle on the quantity of stuff they are keeping.  To do this, we first need to clear a generous amount of space to work.  Once we have reassigned the contents, we leave a clear floor and clear surfaces.  Our clients very often tell me “Wow, it feels great to be organized!”  Indeed, the openness doe feel great, but this is only the first step to being organized.  Without the next three levels, there is nothing to keep the clutter from returning. Level 2- dedicated zones Once you are clear on the quantity and category of stuff you are keeping, it is easier to establish realistic zones to keep them in.  Maybe you have collected a surprisingly […]

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