Organizing Your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you ever make new year’s resolutions, but find them hard to follow though on? If you do then you’re in very good company.  Here are 4 tips to help. A Routine or a Word (or both) Some of us are looking to start a new routine that will make us healthier or wealthier. (Or maybe more organized.) Others like …

Koova Garage Organizer: Product Review

I have finally found the right balance for larger tool storage with the Koova Garage Organizer.  There is a variety of garage storage items that I refer to as “awkwards.” These include things like bicycles, garden tools, and golf bags. I have recommended more comprehensive garage systems for many awkwards. However, what I have needed in my garage is just …

My New Organizing Book Excerpt: “The Circulation Solution”

What follows is an excerpt from my new book, coming out later this month, “The Circulation Solution: The Ultimate Organizing Approach For Lasting Clutter Relief.” This section comes right after the introduction, where I talk about why it is so hard to stay organized today, the definition of clutter, and why to get organized. In this excerpt I get into …

How to Store Old Photos and Preserve Precious Memories

Today’s blog is a guest post from Wendy Dessler Photography is a job or hobby or millions of people all over the world. There are over 1 trillion photos taken in a given year, and this number is only expected to rise. While most photos today are taken on a camera phone, there was once a time when nearly every …


Organizing Your Next Steps

organizing your next steps

The most important things to understand about organizing your next steps is to recognize that organizing has steps. Effective, sustainable organizing has to involve more than just grab-an-object-and-store-it. Before you figure out where something should go, you should sort by category and review by priority. By addressing one step at a time, you have a singular focus. When you have …

Organizing Tasks of Lesser Value

Organization may be eluding you because you are wasting time on organizing tasks of lesser value. Here are some examples of such low value tasks that I have observed and what I recommend instead. Note: If you are doing these things and you are still finding the time to take on larger organizing challenges, then ignore what I’m saying. This …

What Are the Best Organizing Tips for Closets?

The best organizing tips for closets come from first looking at what organizing is NOT. Here are some examples. Organizing is not Hiding  When discussing places for storage, clients will often suggest, “We can just hide that away.” If you are hiding things from yourself, you really need to ask why you are keeping it at all. It’s OK to …

Five Organizing Tips for Basement Storage

The best organizing tips for basement storage make sense when you understand it’s supporting role.  This can be understood by revisiting a model called showroom/stockroom, which I’ve written about before.  This is a conceptual model of storage, that makes your organizing systems more sustainable. Here’s a summary of how it works. In a showroom, the space is open, inviting, and …

Top 5 Organizing Tips For Spring Cleaning

Organizing tips for spring cleaning.

I am actually going to list just ONE organizing tip for spring cleaning. Simply put, you can clean much easier in areas that you have decluttered first. That’s it, but what’s the best way to declutter for spring cleaning? Here are five tips. 1. Start with the garage When my first organizing tip is “start with the garage,” my client’s …

What Does Recycling and Organizing Have in Common?

paper shredding

Last Friday our NAPO-CT chapter had a visit from the nice people at SCRRRA, who taught us a LOT about recycling. I also realized how much recycling has to do with organizing. And yes, it’s more than just the sorting. The biggest revelation came from the list of things that can’t be recycled and WHY. For example, did you know …

How To Organize Your Garage Space

Organize Your Garage

The answer to why your garage space isn’t working for you has everything to do with how you use your garage space.

Attic Storage Systems

Here are some unique attic elements to consider when creating sustainable attic storage systems.


Doorganizing means your organizing systems depends on recognizing doors and when to keep them open and when to keep them closed.

Open Space is Not Empty

We run into a lot of clients who seem to have fear of open space and I find it to be counterproductive to sustainable organizing systems.