You can learn our highly effective organizing process with a project as small as organizing your junk drawer. Yes, you can go ahead and organize your junk drawer without a plan without much harm. However, if you would like to open up a drawer, where everything is instantly findable, stick to these steps. This video shows you how easy they are AND how easy they are to apply to bigger projects. You will complete your bigger organizing projects faster and get  more effective results. The results include making things easier to find and making your systems easily sustainable. That means you can forget about having to redo this project in a few months or even a few years. Instead, move on to another organizing project or another higher priority project. This is how effective organizing systems set you free.

In this video, you will see the following steps clearly demonstrated:

  1. Clear 100% and sort
  2. Purge the excess
  3. Distribute the keepers
  4. Use structures
  5. Store visibly

Check it out!

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