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The Hi-Lift Pro Garage Organizer is a great product to free up floor space in your garage. I found the installation pretty easy, so I want to address that first. Then I want to share some of the features.


  1. Planning and measuring

Start by determining where you want to install the Hi-Lift Pro, such as a beam inside a garage.  Then, get all the parts from the box out on a table to make sure you have all that’s included. You know I always like to start with a clear work surface for processing.

Next, determine where to install the two pulleys. The rule of thumb is to simply divide the length of the item you are hanging in half. A Thule Cargo Box is about 91.5 inches, so 45 inches would be the space between the two pulleys. Mark these measurements with a pencil on the beam.

Now decide where the rope hook, which looks like a boat cleat, needs to go in relation to the rear pulley. In my client’s case, it made sense in the upper left corner of the door frame. This made it possible for the door to still open freely.

  1. Installing the pulleys

Both pulleys need to face the same direction, with the pulley wheels at the back. The rear pulley should have the brake (the little latch) in the back.

Tie a knot to secure the rope on the front pulley. Loop the rope through first hanging pulley and be sure the strap from it is hanging inward. Now thread the rope through the right rear pulley wheel, under the brake, down into the right hole, up into the left hole, and into the left pulley wheel.

Now thread the rope through the rear hanging pulley. Again, be sure the strap from it is hanging inward. Finally, loop the rope back up into the final hole of the pulley block and secure it with a knot.

  1. Hanging the item

Position the Thule Cargo Box under the pulleys and wrap the included straps around it and through the hanging pulley loops. Once done, everything is in place, and you can start pulling on the free ropes to hoist the Thule Cargo Box to the ceiling. Tie off the loose rope on the hook, like a boat cleat, and reverse the last loop to secure it.


I like this product. The Hi-Lift Pro Garage Organizer is a great product to free up floor space in your garage. For the large Thule Cargo Box, my client saved about twenty-two and a half feet of garage floor space. Also, the assembly is easier than other lifts. There is an option with a crank instead of a rope, that allows you to drop it straight down, but we didn’t need that.

This is also a more affordable option at about $50 bucks. The brake on the pulley works very much like the release on venetian blinds; you need to pull it at an angle to release it. It may not be as smooth an operation as a hand crank would be, but if the use is infrequent, it’s not that great a hardship.

Do you have any experience with the Hi-Lift Pro or any other garage organizers?  I’d love to hear about them below!


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