Product Review: Monkey Bars

There is no better garage organizing system than Monkey Bars. Period. I’m not getting paid to say that. I just really, really love this product. Why? Let me count the ways.

Stanley Bostich Dynamo Stapler

The Stanley Bostich Dynamo Stapler is a great back-to-school office supply with a lot of really nice features.


3 Filing Supplies I Hate and Why

On the whole, I try to avoid negative posts, but I’ve had it these guys. The organizing solutions we provide, mostly come down to editing and approach, but sometimes they are purely structural. It could partly be that you are just using the wrong supplies. Over the last ten years of organizing, we have found these three culprits used in hundreds of homes, as indispensable organizing conventions. Indispensable they are not.


Product Review: See Jane Work

This is the first time I have ever reviewed a line of product, but the good folks at See Jane Work have sent along several samples. Jane is actually Holly Bonn-Weiss, a successful entrepreneur who believes there is no reason organizing products can’t be stylish. I agree. I have combined them in the photos, but I shall review them one at a time.

Product Review: The Doxie 1 Scanner

This is my third scanner review and for a very good reason. People hate paper! If I had a dollar for every time a client asked about ditching the paper and scanning everything, I would have about $34. (I’m not prone to hyperbole.)


Product Review: The Time Timer

I don’t like most organizing gadgets and for one simple reason. They aren’t simple. The Time Timer, however, succeeds in simplifying your life because it is actually simple. Very simple.

A Dynamic Duo For Storage

As with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, two storage items that are good separately are great together. The two items I am focusing on today may seem pretty familiar individually and perhaps you use the combination already. I would go so far as to say that for a quick, easy, inexpensive, and optimally efficient solution, there is nothing better.