In our celebration of Garage Month I had to repost this product review. The Koova Garage Organizer is a terrific product for hanging tools and other items in the garage.

I have finally found the right balance for larger tool storage with the Koova Garage Organizer.  There is a variety of garage storage items that I refer to as “awkwards.” These include things like bicycles, garden tools, and golf bags. I have recommended more comprehensive garage systems for many awkwards. However, what I have needed in my garage is just an easy way to store shovels and cleaning tools. Here is why I like the Koova Garage Organizer for that need.

1. Two in one

The box came with two “struts,” so that you had the option to suspend all tools together or separately. I chose two separate areas, as you can see in the above photo. You don’t always have one long open wall in the garage, so I liked this option

2. Easy to install

The kit came with two long sturdy screws to go into wall studs for each strut. The strut offered some flexibility as to where the screw could go, but my studs were too far apart. That wasn’t a problem, as I was able to replace one with a hollow wall anchor. That combination provided more than enough strength to hang heavy tools. 

One piece that I was concerned about was the nut used to suspend the hooks. I had to drill the bolt into the nut blind, basically, but it wasn’t a problem. Somehow the bolt found the nut easily every time.

There is a nice assortment of widths and depths with the hooks. Furthermore, they are easy to adjust and, once in place, very strong. 

Installation took me less time than I had anticipated, about 25 minutes for both bars.

3. Easy to use

With the tool hanger I had before, I had to worry about hanging the tool just right or it would slip and fall. With this product the tools hang comfortably and reliably. Also, they just look neater and more purposeful.

I highly recommend the Koova Garage Organizer for all awkward garage items that need to hang. All their products are “over-engineered” and manufactured in the U.S. They are available to order at or on Amazon.