My Favorite Organizing Tool

My favorite organizing tool is a clear work surface, dedicated to processing. It will do more to help you stay organized than anything else.

Kitchen Storage System Product Review: Shelf Genie, CT

I discovered the amazing Shelf Genie kitchen storage systems from Connecticut franchise owner Alex Modica. Alex has been a business partner with NAPO-CT, for a number of years. He understands the value of working with organizers and we appreciate the value of his product and service. Once you have finished sorting, editing, and prioritizing everything in your kitchen, then it’s …

The Number One Kitchen Organizing Tool

Your number one kitchen organizing tool, as with all rooms, is a clear work surface.  When you have a clear island and clear counters in the kitchen, you can do three things. On a clear surface you can spread out, prioritize, and process. Where there’s process, there’s progress. Clear work surface should be reserved as a processing tool, never squandered …


Spring Organizing is a “Dropportunity”

The weight of winter and the wait for spring are over. (Finally!) It’s the right time to shed the heavy clothes, the piles of files, and the garage clutter. Spring organizing is full of “dropportunites.” These are opportunities to drop excess items that have accumulated over the year. Here are a few examples, along with some tips to benefit from …

Best Downsizing Tip, Organizing Books

Time to move? Time for downsizing? Then not all of your possessions can make the move with you. You have made some deep attachments over the years, but space in your new home is limited. Some things have got to go. Relax. You do not need to make the severe choices that you may anticipate. Prioritize before you organize Getting …

Organizing Home Archives in Fairfield County CT

Welcome to the final exciting episode of organizing paperwork clutter at home. In this, the conclusion, we address organizing home archives in Fairfield County CT . In last week’s cliffhanger, I had just extracted my 2017 tax-supporting material in my home office. I conquered my 2017 taxes, relinquishing the need for all my statements.  Organizing choices Now, I could have …

Top 5 Organizing Tips For Spring Cleaning

Organizing tips for spring cleaning.

I am actually going to list just ONE organizing tip for spring cleaning. Simply put, you can clean much easier in areas that you have decluttered first. That’s it, but what’s the best way to declutter for spring cleaning? Here are five tips. 1. Start with the garage When my first organizing tip is “start with the garage,” my client’s …

What Does Recycling and Organizing Have in Common?

paper shredding

Last Friday our NAPO-CT chapter had a visit from the nice people at SCRRRA, who taught us a LOT about recycling. I also realized how much recycling has to do with organizing. And yes, it’s more than just the sorting. The biggest revelation came from the list of things that can’t be recycled and WHY. For example, did you know …

How To Organize Your Garage Space

Organize Your Garage

The answer to why your garage space isn’t working for you has everything to do with how you use your garage space.

Organizing Files by Temperature

Organizing tips for spring cleaning.

This video is about organizing files by temperature. A plan for circulation is clarified by identifying 1. Red hot Running Files, 2. Warm yellow Sitting Files, 3. Cooled green Sleeping Files, and 4. Cold blue Dead Files.

Organizing Keepsakes

organizing baby cloths

When organizing items in your attic, one of the categories you are bound to see a lot of, are keepsakes. Odds are good that you will have more than you need, but how do you go about safely getting rid of items that are irreplaceable?

January 2018, The Fill

Matt and 4 other professional organizers share 5 Easy Tips for Creating a Decluttering Plan.

Attic Storage Systems

Here are some unique attic elements to consider when creating sustainable attic storage systems.