Storing Keepsakes

A while back, I wrote a post on organizing keepsakes. It was really more focused on getting your keepsakes organized. This post focuses more on tips for storing keepsakes. Clarify keepsake category The first step to storing keepsakes is to recognize that you have them! As a reminder, we are talking about items that you are keeping strictly for sentimental …

Why Your Garage’s Floor May Be Its Greatest Asset

There are a lot of of great garage storage products out there.  The MVP, however, might be something that you may think of as nothing. In my last post, I discussed when empty is golden. This certainly includes an empty garage floor. Here are three reasons why  your garage floor may be its greatest asset. Protect Your Car! Do you …

Minimalism: When Empty is Golden

You know the song “Silence is Golden?” After a loud day, silence is golden. It’s a relief.  I wouldn’t quite say that empty is golden, not always. We certainly don’t want an emptybank account, for example, but sometimes empty is golden. Clients often asks, upon emptying a bin, “What am I going to use this for now?” This always strikes …

5 Attic Organizing Tips

Attic organizing projects can be overwhelming, but you can overcome, by understanding the challenges and breaking them down.

Organizing the Playroom

While I’m not a parent, after almost 15 years of organizing the playroom, I understand the challenges. Mostly, I understand the limitations of just how organized a playroom can get. You just can’t hold it up to the same standards as rooms that you have more control of. I often have clients ask for a playroom where their children can …

How To Get Organized Fast

Recognizing that basic division is the first step in how to get organized fast. Here are six more.

Organizing Priority Management

I often say that organizing is ultimately not about sorting out your stuff, your paper, or your time. Rather, it’s about sorting out your priorities. Financial advisors have similar advise for managing your finances. Don’t look for that magic stock. Start by looking at what your financial priorities are. It’s essential in both cases. Why? Because everybody has different priorities …


The Cost of Clutter

I would argue that clutter can cost you, in time, energy, and yes, money.

Downsizing: What NOT To Declutter

Believe it or not, there are actually some things that you should NOT declutter, when you are downsizing. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure to unload all the excess stuff in your home. This, however, can lead to bad decisions and regret. It’s important to remember that ultimately organizing is not about sorting out your stuff. It’s …

Top 5 Organizing Tips For Spring Cleaning

Organizing tips for spring cleaning.

I am actually going to list just ONE organizing tip for spring cleaning. Simply put, you can clean much easier in areas that you have decluttered first. That’s it, but what’s the best way to declutter for spring cleaning? Here are five tips. 1. Start with the garage When my first organizing tip is “start with the garage,” my client’s …

What Does Recycling and Organizing Have in Common?

paper shredding

Last Friday our NAPO-CT chapter had a visit from the nice people at SCRRRA, who taught us a LOT about recycling. I also realized how much recycling has to do with organizing. And yes, it’s more than just the sorting. The biggest revelation came from the list of things that can’t be recycled and WHY. For example, did you know …

How To Organize Your Garage Space

Organize Your Garage

The answer to why your garage space isn’t working for you has everything to do with how you use your garage space.

Organizing Keepsakes

organizing baby cloths

When organizing items in your attic, one of the categories you are bound to see a lot of, are keepsakes. Odds are good that you will have more than you need, but how do you go about safely getting rid of items that are irreplaceable?

January 2018, The Fill

Matt and 4 other professional organizers share 5 Easy Tips for Creating a Decluttering Plan.