How To Get Organized Fast

Recognizing that basic division is the first step in how to get organized fast. Here are six more.

Organizing Priority Management

I often say that organizing is ultimately not about sorting out your stuff, your paper, or your time. Rather, it’s about sorting out your priorities. Financial advisors have similar advise for managing your finances. Don’t look for that magic stock. Start by looking at what your financial priorities are. It’s essential in both cases. Why? Because everybody has different priorities …

Five Organizing Tips for Basement Storage

The best organizing tips for basement storage make sense when you understand it’s supporting role.  This can be understood by revisiting a model called showroom/stockroom, which I’ve written about before.  This is a conceptual model of storage, that makes your organizing systems more sustainable. Here’s a summary of how it works. In a showroom, the space is open, inviting, and …


The Cost of Clutter

I would argue that clutter can cost you, in time, energy, and yes, money.

My Favorite Organizing Tool

My favorite organizing tool is a clear work surface, dedicated to processing. It will do more to help you stay organized than anything else.

Kitchen Storage System Product Review: Shelf Genie, CT

I discovered the amazing Shelf Genie kitchen storage systems from Connecticut franchise owner Alex Modica. Alex has been a business partner with NAPO-CT, for a number of years. He understands the value of working with organizers and we appreciate the value of his product and service. Once you have finished sorting, editing, and prioritizing everything in your kitchen, then it’s …

The Number One Kitchen Organizing Tool

Your number one kitchen organizing tool, as with all rooms, is a clear work surface.  When you have a clear island and clear counters in the kitchen, you can do three things. On a clear surface you can spread out, prioritize, and process. Where there’s process, there’s progress. Clear work surface should be reserved as a processing tool, never squandered …

Downsizing: What NOT To Declutter

Believe it or not, there are actually some things that you should NOT declutter, when you are downsizing. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure to unload all the excess stuff in your home. This, however, can lead to bad decisions and regret. It’s important to remember that ultimately organizing is not about sorting out your stuff. It’s …