Attic Storage Systems

Here are some unique attic elements to consider when creating sustainable attic storage systems.

March 2016, Better Connecticut, Attic Organizing Tips

This was a very special segment, because Matt Baier was joined by one of our new favorite clients, John Weigold, to talk attic organizing.  John is on reserve duty as Rear Admiral to the Pacific Fleet. He shared with hosts, Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney how the Matt Baier Organizing team helped him get his attic “ship shape.” Matt was also joined by his colleague, Susan Lovallo, who is a spokesperson for a great new attic product Lock & Rollin, a roll out floor.


Attic Organizing Strategies

If all clutter is “postponed decisions” (and it is), then it is probably safe to say the decisions in the attic are the MOSTponed.

The ABC’s of Storage

Here’s a multiple choice question.  Fill in the blank with the best choice. “Just put it away in the_______________.” A.  Attic B. Basement C.  Closet D.  All of the above. Of course the correct answer is “D.”  Attics, basements, and closets are our storage friends.  All too often, however, they turn into forgotten wastelands.  It doesn’t have to be this …

Attic Attack

As you put your Christmas decorations away for another year, you may be seeing a lot of your attic and you may not like what you see. The attic is often the last room one organizes in the home because it is so out of sight, out of mind. It can, however, be one of the most useful and comforting …