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One of the things I’m always saying is “It’s our job to make space, not judgements. Clearing a path forward is my life’s work and I have no space for being judgmental, but my clients are often very judgmental of themselves. The number one consult question I get is, “Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?” I also get, “What’s wrong with me? I’m overwhelmed. Am I hopeless?”

Like I said, I don’t judge, but if I did judge, I would say to all disorganized people out there, you’re not hopeless. You’re amazing! Now this is not to say that organized people are not amazing (we are). I’m also not going to get into all the reasons why disorganized people find organizing so difficult. I just want to share some tendencies we often see in our disorganized clients that makes them amazing.

They are creative.

Disorganized people are often creative and imaginative, so much so that they are coming up with more projects than they can process, let alone, put away.

They are smart.

Disorganized people are very smart and successful. Our disorganized clients are well-educated, brilliant, and hard-working. We work with doctors, lawyers, engineers, and all kinds of different professions. No surprise that organizing doesn’t rise to the top of their priority lists.

They are caring.

The day-in, day-out challenge of raising a family that is loved, protected, and supported inevitably calls for sacrifices. If the organizing has to take a back seat, that’s OK! Ultimately sustainable organizing comes from recognizing top priorities and because they do, they’re closer than they think!  Same applies to your fur family.

Disorganized people don’t limit their shopping to themselves. They’re always thinking of others and what they would like. They buy things when they think of friends and family, not just for holidays and birthdays.

They are mindful.

They hate to see good things go to waste. They’re always looking for creative ways to repurpose items they don’t otherwise need. They care about the earth’s limited resources and don’t want to be selfish. My dad, a child of the Depression, was like this. I often hear his voice whenever I recommend a clear Lucite (petroleum based) container to organize snacks.

Someone can be the most joyful, optimistic, and positive person, but still carry a burden of shame under their burden of clutter. That was my mother. Her friends remember her as one of the nicest people they ever met. Me too.

Disorganized people are such great amazing people that I hate to see them getting down on themselves. Just because you’re amazing doesn’t mean you need the stress of clutter. Your time should be used for things that are worthy of your talents. Whether it comes from a friend, my team, or another professional organizer, be sure to seek organizing help, because you are NOT hopeless. You are AMAZING!

So that’s it for now, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the box below!

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