Product Review: The Doxie 1 Scanner

Doxie 1This is my third scanner review and for a very good reason. People hate paper! If I had a dollar for every time a client asked about ditching the paper and scanning everything, I would have about $34. (I’m not prone to hyperbole.)

The last scanner we reviewed was the Fujutsu Scan Snap iX500, which  did everything and was designed for
high-capacity scanning. The Doxie 1 is a smaller and more portable option. Here is why it’s so cool.

• The Doxie 1 is a truly mobile scanner, not just because it is so small but because there is no need to have a computer attached.

• The software is simple and less cluttered. It automatically creates a pdf when it sees text docs. Doxie’s intuitively designed companion software makes it easy to organize your scans your way: create multi-page documents, save scans as searchable PDFs, send scans to other apps, or upload your scans to the cloud. Getting organized has never been easier.

• The app just holds scans so people can do what they want with them. You can send them to whatever destination you choose: Dropbox, iphoto etc. It creates searchable pdfs. DX1_Drawer

• The Doxie 1 is Mac and PC compatible.

• It syncs to the iPad.

So now we’ve written three positive scanner reviews and you may be wondering which one to buy.  Here’s how I would summarize it. If you are looking for something that is sleek, simple and easy to use, you might want to go with the Neat Scanner.  If you are looking for the scanner that does everything and is the most high capacity, the Fujutsu Scan Snap iX500 might be the better bet.  However, if you want the most space efficient and truly mobile option, the Doxie 1  might be the way to go. In all fairness Neat and Snap Scan also make a mobile scanner, which I haven’t reviewed yet, so I don’t know how they compare. Stay tuned!

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