My top 10 home office organizing products don’t include office tech gadgets. There are plenty of videos covering those. Looking for a beautiful desk? Try a design video. My top 10 home office organizing products are mostly for paper. Yes, I know it’s 2021 the world is trending toward  going paperless. So if you’ve gone paperless then this post is probably not for you. However if you’re like any of my clients, you’ve still got some paper and it needs organizing. So here they are, my top 10 home office organizing products

1. Six-Tier Jumbo Incline Sorter

This is my favorite tool for ongoing projects. There is a time and place to keep things out of sight out of mind. However, for things you want to make a point of acting on, reveal don’t conceal.

2. Clear Envelopes

These go in the clear sorter. I recommend a slim one and thicker one for larger projects. In both cases cut off the flap because it’s just another barrier.

3. Slant Back Easel with Lip

This product is ideal for holding a clipboard of daily events and tasks, vertically and visibly. That gives you the best odds of getting your to-dos to done.

4. Two drawer file cabinet

This product is valuable because it offers two ways to protect your desk surface from accumulation. First, it is the right size for the files you need to find reliably. We’ll talk about the right filing system in an upcoming video. Second, it’s height offers the perfect position to hold items 1-3, off your valuable desk surface. Still, the ongoing projects and clipboard are highly visible, as the must be. You may not like the metal, material but it is more durable for frequent  use. The easy glide action encourages frequent use.

5. Extra Capacity Hanging Files

If you need to keep paper files, there’s no better way to store them than by category. Standard hanging files compromise find-ability.  Extra capacity folders mean files sit level across the bottom therefore level across the top.

6. File Jackets

File jackets are great for when files require extra structure. I love these for collecting little bits of paper that slip out the side, like receipts.

7. Brother P-Touch

Yes, I’m just like every other professional organizer who thinks it’s worth making labels with a Brother P-Touch labeler. Why? Because frequency merits facility and good filing is all about easy finding. Be kind to your future self and keep it clear.

8. 8-compartment-steel-file-organizer

Many of us still have binders and manuals that require a structure to stand up visibly on a shelf. I keep 2” reference binders here. I never store statements in binders. They are better in the file cabinet so that they can circulate.

9. 5 Drawers Durable Storage Organizer

Keeping a clear desk for processing requires a minimum of office supplies. If you don’t have the desk drawers or shelf space, this product is an excellent, affordable solution.

10. Acrylic Drawer Organizers

Us organizers love this line of products! Because these are clear, they maximize find-ability. That means you can trust in your back up supplies.

So that’s it for my top 10 home office organizing products. What they all have in common is that they keep stuff off your desk surface. That’s critical because a clear desk surface is your number one organizing tool.

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