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Product Review: Avery TruBlock® Labels

This week I am reviewing four new products from Avery.

  • IMG_1666Avery® Brown Kraft Shipping Label
  • Avery® Shipping Label with Paper Receipt
  • Avery® WeatherProof Mailing Label
  • Avery® TruBlock® Shipping Label

All four products feature the TruBlock® Technology, which is guaranteed to completely cover old labels, so you can reuse old boxes. It’s a very solid, but thin, flexible material, that almost feels a little metallic.

If there’s ever a part of a brown box you need to cover up, the Avery® Brown Kraft Shipping Label works great. Here I am using it on a paper bag, to recycle it with my own design.


The Avery® Shipping Label with Paper Receipt means that you can print your half-page label on one side of the sheet and receipt on the other side, in just one print.

IMG_1668The Avery® WeatherProof Mailing Label is great for completely covering up old addresses. It provides enough room to print an address and a return address on one label and it is truly weatherproof! I was surprised just how well it worked.

The Avery® TruBlock® Shipping Label offers a larger size for larger options. Here I am using it as a sign on the back of my laptop.


All of these office supplies are available at

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