The Time Timer

Time TimerI don’t like most organizing gadgets and for one simple reason. They aren’t simple. The Time Timer, however, succeeds in simplifying your life because it is actually simple.  Very simple.

Unlike a kitchen timer, you can’t precisely time something for 25 seconds, but that’s not the point.  The point of the Time Timer is to easily translate time visually.  Maybe you don’t think that’s necessary, but if you have difficulty focusing on tasks, you should.

One of the best ways to bring focus to all your tasks is by looking at them as a group and determining how much time you would like to devote to each task, in relation to the others.  For example, can I really devote a whole hour to writing this blog when I’ve got too many other tasks to do? No. It’s getting twenty minutes on the Time Timer right now. It’s making a ticking sound that keeps me aware that I’m being timed and I can see, because of the big 20 (now 17) minute red section, how much time I have left.

It’s super simple to use. Just drag the button to the spot on the clock you want to devote to a task and you’re ready for action. Will it guarantee that I finish this blog within 20 minutes? Of course not. That’s up to me, but it keeps me aware and even if I go over, I’m a lot better off than I would be without any limits. Limitations breed freedom. I firmly believe you can get more done in a focused half hour than an unfocused half day. The Time Timer is a great tool for helping set time limits.

It comes in three sizes, but I recommend at least the 8” size because it is more compelling than the smaller (but more portable) one. Learn more about the Time Timer.