Organizing your garage with hangable storage opens up even more floor space than shelve-able storage. I’ve been talking about garage organizing all month. The one common thread is the three storage options: shelve-able, hang-able, and non-negotiable. Non-negotiable are the things like your car. They are going to eat up floor space because they are non-negotiable. Other examples include your lawn mower, snowblower, generator, and toy vehicles. The only thing you can hope to do is shift their position. How do you do that?

You do it by opening up floor space with the shelve-able and hangable storage. I talked about the shelve-able storage options last week, so this week we talk about the hangable storage.

Monkey Bars garage storage system

My favorite hangable garage option is the Monkey Bars garage storage system. This system starts with deep shelves for long term bin storage. However, t’s underneath these shelves where the you find the hanging system.  It is an ingenious network of customizable hanging options, incorporated into the brackets. Monkey Bars are the perfect answer for all the large, awkward items that you tend to find in a garage. In other words, they hold all the non-shelve-able items.

They’ve got a solution for bikes, golf bags, skis, lawn chairs, garden tools, and large balls.  All of them hang off the floor and free up room for opening car doors. They’re super sturdy, manufactured in the USA, and despite being the best, they are reasonably priced.

If you don’t need the deep shelf, you can order non-shelf options on Amazon. These include racks for bikes, sports equipment, gardening tools, chairs. In my video, I’ll show you how to install the chair rack.


More height, more options

The deep shelf Monkey Bars work best if your ceiling has some height. The more height your garage has, the more options you have. You can install overhead platforms for long term storage. Monkey bars offers a stationary one and a motorized option that you can lower and raise by remote control. You can also hang your bikes, by the tires with simple hooks, or with a lift product, which facilitates access.

Other hanging items

Here are some other garage  items that you can hang, to free up floor space.

Tires. I like this rack, which we’ve installed before.

Ladders. Ladders can go up with these simple hooks.

Garden tools. Theres many options for long handled tools, but I like the Koova product best. You can see why in my product review on the Koova garage organizer.

Hand tools. Lesser used tools can go in bins and toolboxes. However, for the tools I use all the time, I like hanging them on pegboards. See my most viewed video ever, Organizing With Pegboards.

Other floor eaters

Other floor-eaters include kayaks, paddle-boards, and car-boxes. These are often referred to by the brand name, Thule.  If you have any of those examples check out YouTube. You can choose from a wide variety of options, to see which is right for your garage.

Installation steps

Obviously I cant show you how to install all these structures but I can cover some basics. The best way to describe them is to watch my video. These are the steps:

  1. Set up
  2. Height
  3. Find the studs
  4. Establish level
  5. Drill
  6. Secure
  7. Install bar and hooks
  8. Load
  9. This chair rack holds up to 15 folding chairs. Another way to save floor space is to choose folding chairs in the first place. (This chair rack won’t help you if you if your chairs don’t fold.)

So I hope you found this helpful. Did I miss any hanging options that you love? Let me know!