Good clothes folding is good organizing because it makes your life easier.  There are a lot of videos available on how to fold clothes. Many of them show similar techniques and mine no doubt will as well. My choices are directly related to the benefits from my approach in my book The Circulation Solution. I have several reasons why I want to share my company’s approach to folding clothes for drawers.

1. For clients getting organized

I want my clients to see what they can expect from my team when we organize their drawers.

2. For my team members

I want the organizers on my team to learn how to deliver what my clients expect in folded clothes.

3. For clients STAYING organized

I want my clients to learn how to stay organized WITHOUT my team.

Well-folded clothes will not win you any organizing contests. (There’s no such thing.) Good folding habits leads to fast finding practices. That saves you time at a very critical time of the day.

Getting organized does not come from discovering an 8th day in the week. It comes from a collection of small time gains. This is one of them.