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Why Your Action System Isn’t Working

What action system do you used to get things done? Outlook? A Filofax? Your Smart phone? Maybe a good old fashioned to-do list? Odds are you are using a combination of all of the above.  If your system is not working, it’s helpful to look at all the elements that make a good action system.   If any one of these elements are not working, the whole system can fall apart. Element 1: Single Focus. You may go to bed with a beautifully worked out plan for tomorrow, but of course stuff happens.  I won’t waste time on why you get distracted from your plan.  It happens to the most disciplined of us.  What’s important is that you at least DO start with a plan, a single page in a single place, so that you have one place to return to after your inevitable distractions. If your plan is divided your focus will be too. Element 2: Fixed Events. To-do lists don’t work for several reasons.  The first is, they don’t take into account your fixed events of the day.  You’re […]

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