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Bedroom Organizing

You work hard so you deserve to have a peaceful sanctuary to retreat to every night. The right paint, drapes, and other décor can put you in a relaxing frame of mind, but first be sure you have a plan for quieting the clutter. Relaxation Dedication. We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it is appropriate to devote one room to JUST rest.  I know it seems downright counter-cultural to ban the television from the bedroom, (heck, I have one myself!), but it pays to keeps as many non-restful elements out as possible. Computers and workspaces don’t make it easy to switch off. Bright colors, mirrors, and lights from electronic devices, create energy and discourage rest. The more you focus on relaxing in your bedroom, the more you can focus on everything else outside of it. Laundry Quandary. If your laundry is littering the floor, you need an easier system. Perhaps you keep your laundry hampers in your closet because they look unattractive next to your bed. There are plenty of attractive hampers to choose from, but none […]

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