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Circulation Prevents Accumulation

Circulation Prevents Accumulation This is the big one.  This is the trunk of the tree from which all my other organizing philosophies branch out.  But what exactly do I mean by circulation? A truly effective organizing system must circulate freely, just as your body’s blood supply must circulate freely.   In both cases, when there’s a blockage there’s a problem.  It’s also important to note that the circulatory system moves forward in stages.  It advances forward to the next valve, then it stops and moves forward to the next and so on, but it is a reliable circular flow forward. Let’s compare this to the daily mail.  When it piles up on the dining table, it can be overwhelming and it can easily lead to trouble like bills not getting paid, opportunities missed, and late fees.  The opposite extreme would be to pay the bills the same day they come in.  I admire people who can do this, but for most of us that’s not practical.   What IS manageable is to move the bills FORWARD to the next stage, the next […]

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