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Closet CPR

Ever buy an item only to discover you already had 6 of them buried in your closet? Chances are your closet needs some CPR. No, there’s no clever acronym here, but for a closet to serve you well, it needs to start breathing. Your closet needs clear passageways so Items can circulate in and out easily. All too often, a closet become a black hole. Matter goes in, but doesn’t come out. To convert your closet from a black hole into a valuable organizing tool requires a fundamental shift in thinking. You can no longer think of your closet a place to hide things, but as a place to FIND things. You need easy systems, so it’s obvious where to store something AND where to retrieve it. Easy in, easy out, just like healthy breathing. Now I’m not suggesting you need a giant pair of hands to pump oxygen into your closet, but a good place to start is with a good clear out. When your closet is completely clear it is much easier to rethink how you are using […]

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All Systems Go!

Originally from Matt Baier’s Organizing Works Newsletter, January 2008  ALL SYSTEMS GO! “Never mind all this ‘Sort-and-Purge’ nonsense, just give me some SYSTEMS to keep me organized!”  O.K., no one has ever actually spoken these words to me, but I hear this sentiment all the time in questions like: “What can I buy?” “Where does this go?” “Why can’t I stay organized?” I’m sure that many of you have been frustrated when I answer these questions by saying things like: Systems come at the END of the organizing process. Don’t ask WHERE to put something.  Ask WHY you are keeping it. You can’t hope to STAY organized without user-friendly systems. So be it!  LET’S TALK SYSTEMS. Organizing systems consist of a simple formula: Appropriate STRUCTURE + Easy HABIT = Effective SYSTEM BOTH structure and habit are necessary for a system to work well. This formula applies to all organizing systems, but let’s look at the example of laundry.  Every good organizing solution allows for easy circulation, because, as I’ve often said, CIRCULATION prevents ACCUMULATION.  So let’s consider how easily your […]

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