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Organizing, A Month At A Time

Getting organized is a very popular New Year’s resolution, but it’s much easier said than done.  A great way to approach it is to focus on organizing one room at a time.  This is particularly helpful if you have a plan for matching the right month with the right room.  Here is just such a plan.  Links to organizing each of these rooms can be found at the end of each segment. January Basement It’s time to put those holiday decorations away and make a fresh start.  While you’re at it, there’s probably lots of stuff in the basement that you’ve kept from years past and just don’t need in 2011.   Let them go.  This will make it easier to find what you need.  Even if you store your Christmas in the attic, you still might want to start with the basement, as it is likelier to be heated! February Home Office 1: Clutter Tax day is a couple months away, so do yourself a favor and ease into it. The most valuable organizing tool is a clear work […]

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