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The Art of Taking Away

Michelangelo is famous for defining sculpture as the “art of taking away,” as opposed to painting, which is the art of adding on. Good organizing is also about the art of taking away. The question a new prospect most commonly asks me is “what do you charge?,” but the question a new client most commonly asks is “what should I buy?”  The hope seems to be that I can recommend some magical containers, that will solve the organizing challenges at hand. Effective organizing begins with subtraction, not addition. Recently I have been taking different approaches to the same message: organizing is about taking the less important stuff out of the way so that you can get to the most important stuff. I have been fortunate to see the great sculptures of Michelangelo, including his David in Florence.   Like most tourists, I had come a long way to see Michelangelo’s David, so I wasn’t going to leave without spending some time studying the sculpture and trying to understand what all the hubbub was about.  What was the artist’s vision? First and […]

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