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Remove The Friction

Life is full of stumbling blocks you have no control of.  You can best equip yourself to take on these challenges by making every step of your most regular and predictable processes as easy as possible.  This requires looking at the points in the process that cause friction and removing it.  This applies to every process, but I am going to stick with the example of sorting the daily mail. Friction: You don’t feel like addressing today’s mail because there is so much of it. Remove the Friction: Don’t think of the mail as a single mountain of challenges.  In fact, don’t even call it “mail.” Call it bills to pay, junk mail to toss, donations to consider, statements to file, etc.  Sort it accordingly.  Remove the pressure on yourself to address every piece and simply commit to sorting them. This should take less than two minutes. No friction. Friction: You resist the sorting idea because it just leads to sorted piles on the dining table that eventually run into each other. Remove the Friction: Never accept the dining table […]

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Trash Systems GO!

Tired of looking at all the junk on the surfaces and floor in your workspace? Of course most of it is actually work files that need better systems, but what about the real junk? If you haven’t created an easy system for your junk, how can you expect to create an easy system for your files? Whether it’s as complex as managing several simultaneous projects or as simple as tossing junk, all organizing systems rely on the same simple formula: APPROPRIATE STRUCTURE + EASY HABIT = EFFECTIVE SYSTEM If your trash-can is so small that it is filled up by lunch time then it is NOT an appropriate structure. Whatever your tossing habit is, it will be discouraged by the overflowing trash-can. You’ve got more important things to do than tamp down the trash, let alone run the contents downstairs to the dumpster in the middle of the day. Make sure there is always a generous room for growth in your structures. Also, if you care about separating between trash, recycle, and shred, one trash-can’s not going to cut it. […]

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